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Selectycs helps companies look at their digital capabilities with fresh eyes and reimagine transformative value by connecting the dots between business objectives, industry trends, emerging technologies and the digital roadmap – all in one platform powered by built-in intelligence.

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About Us

Procurement Consultancy Service in Canada

We’re out to build something better. Better technology planning and management solutions that deliver full-circle benefits and rapid results. Using technology and data to make better decisions while understanding the impact on people. And an approach that always looks for innovative ways to deliver tools and services to you at a fraction of the traditional business services.

We are here to redefine the way organizations make decisions related to complex business technologies. Years of experience and insights have been embedded into a our proprietary online platform to drastically reduce the cost and turnaround time for our advisory services.

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Who We Serve

If you are looking for help in navigating through the complex business technology journey then look no further. Selectycs has just the right tools and resources to ensure a great start to your process and technology modernization.

Although our tools have been developed with the built-in flexibility to cater to needs of small-med-large businesses across industries, we are particularly keen in making a big difference in how small and medium businesses boost their digital presence.

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Our assurance to you.

Integrity, Quality and Courage are at the core of everything we do. Selectycs’ tools and services bring to you objective resources of highest quality. We also believe in constantly challenging the status quo to explore new innovative ways to deliver work that exceeds your expectations, with significantly higher returns on your investment.