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CxO Board

CxO Board is a powerful SaaS platform that adds rigor to how your organization plans and executes digital strategy. Thrive digitally as we guide your business with the right solutions.

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Support your decisions with insightful and readily available data

  • Immediate access to relevant data across all functions

  • Drastically reduce the time taken to get stakeholder buy-in

  • Avoid hassles related to manual data consolidation
  • Demonstrate the value of IT expenditures to key stakeholders

  • Provide clear understanding of 'when', 'where', 'how' and 'why' of IT strategy

  • Highlight how IT is driving innovation and growth

  • Use a single, consistent data model to unite business processes, people and technology, and ensure primary focus stays on business outcomes
  • Optimize Application TCO

  • Gain full visibility on your cost drivers

  • Identify and retire ineffective or underutilized technology

  • Reduce total cost of ownership for the most expensive areas by IT spending

  • Collaborate to identify high-value initiatives requiring financial resources
  • Boost end-user experience

  • Ensure cross-functional alignment with dynamic UX journey maps

  • Track effectiveness of your current technology solutions

  • Generate specific actionable insights to improve user experience
  • Stay ahead of the curve with iTrends

  • Use built-in library of relevant technology trends in your industry

  • Understand implications on business objectives and digital capabilities

  • Gain system recommended improvement opportunities for the identified trends
  • Our Solutions

    Application Portfolio Management

    Connect the dots from technology portfolio to the business objectives while gaining full transparency into your IT landscape.

    Smart Selector

    Select the right business technology for your organization through a fully automated and structured evaluation.

    Strategic Planning

    Automated roadmap creation for goals, initiatives, and application life-cycles based on stakeholder driven prioritization.

    Capability Management

    Gain insights into current statuses of key business capabilities and plan improvement initiatives.


    Convert strategic ‘whats’ into ‘hows’. Define organization goals and link them with IT strategic plan.


    Identify not only the latest technology trends in your industry but also actionable insights to stay ahead of the curve.

    User Experience

    Better understand technology’s role in ensuring superior user experiences through custom-created dynamic journey maps.

    Projects & Risks

    Enable cross-functional teams to create dynamic plans to achieve business objectives.

    Calculate Your Savings with Selectycs

    Use the calculator below to get an indication of the potential savings in managing your technology portfolio. We estimate your savings based on our vast experience working with customers on a variety of technology initiatives. 

    You can consider these estimates to get a rough idea of your annual savings as you start using Selectycs. Reach out to us if you are looking for a comprehensive ROI report based on your specific needs, use cases and current costs.

    Rapid Project Initiation

    Selectycs acts as a single source of truth for information on your business requirements, capability assessment, application effectiveness, and many more aspects that your business & technology leaders can use to initiate projects of any size at lightning speed.

    Project Management

    Using Selectycs as a single platform of information across the project lifecycle can deliver significant savings in managing business requirements, ensuring cross-functional collaboration, and bringing visibility and transparency throughout the project.

    IT Strategic Plan

    CIOs can effortlessly navigate through challenges in developing their IT plans by using Selectycs' solutions for - rapid identification of initiatives, clear demonstration of business value, stakeholder alignment & prioritization, real-time gantt charts, IT budget plans, etc.

    System Selection

    Selectycs offers a fully automated, comprehensive tool to help you make the right decision on your future system. Automated workflows, eRFx capabilities, vendor profiles, business requirements library - utilize these features to drastically reduce the manual efforts and sail through your system selection project.

    IT Strategic Reporting

    Selectycs makes IT Portfolio insights readily available through custom dashboards, significantly reducing the time spent in manual data consolidation and analysis. Work with our team to further strengthen your reporting capabilities by leveraging integrations between Selectycs and other IT applications.


    Number of IT Projects per year
    Number of Project Managers
    Number of Applications
    Hours per quarter on IT Strategic Reporting

    Estimated Savings

    $ 32,800+ per year
    $ 20,000
    Rapid Project Initiation
    $ 9,600
    Project Management
    70% savings on overall efforts
    IT Strategic Plan
    60% savings on overall efforts
    System Selection
    $ 3,200
    IT Strategic Reporting