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Smart Selector

Smarter, simpler system selection platform. Hold objective, vendor neutral system selection process to make the right decision with significantly reduced time and efforts.

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Gain the insights, guidance and tools to make a confident decision

eRFX Administration

RFX owners – Sourcing, Purchasing or Operations teams can use our fully automated solution to rapidly navigate through challenges in a time-sensitive manner. Gathering requirements, coordinating RFX creation, inviting vendors and evaluating responses, Selectycs automates end-to-end process.

Requirements Definition

Requirements definition for RFX often gets complicated due to varied expectations from different stakeholders. Define and prioritize requirements using our online ‘business needs builder’ and use the finalized needs to drive the RFX progress, ensuring your projects never deviate from the path.

Team Collaboration

Successful RFX process requires business teams to be highly organized and connected. Collaboration features, automated workflows and online project management make it easy for business teams to manage tasks, mitigate project risks and adhere to the overall timelines.

Vendor Management

Selectycs allows businesses to configure what information they ask from vendors to ensure compliance with the RFX requirements. We maintain a database of vendors along with their services offerings and industry alignment. Businesses can save time and ensure participation of the right vendors by leveraging our library.

Scoring and Evaluation

Get real-time visibility into vendor responses to your functional, non-functional and pricing questions. Selectycs’ evaluation dashboard offers insights on price vs. features evaluation, functional responses, total cost of ownership etc. System also fully supports evaluation of the interview / demonstration rounds by multiple stakeholders.

Dashboard and Reporting

Selectycs provides intuitive dashboards and reporting features to help you track the project status throughout the process. Our pre-configured dashboards are designed to help improve decision making by reporting in-context insight into RFX projects, displaying key metrics using intuitive visualization, that indicate the progress toward defined targets.

Majority of the ERP initiatives fail to meet business expectations. Related cost of failure of ERP initiatives can be significantly disruptive to any business. However, while failure is common, it can be avoided by identifying and addressing the challenges ahead of time.

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Our Approach

1. Requirements Definition
Selectycs gives you a head start by providing a requirements library for all the stakeholders to collaborate and finalize their relevant needs.
2. RFX Planning and Administration
Selectycs' eRFx Manager automates end-to-end procurement process and provides a secure, faster way to collect vendor information and proposals.
3. System Evaluation & Selection
Selectycs helps evaluate various technology alternatives at the click of a button, saving time and effort that teams otherwise put into manual data consolidation and analysis.
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Quick and easy way to administer your RFx

Diverse People Using Technologies and Talking

Initiate your new RFX project at the click of a button, whether that’s an RFP, RFI or RFQ. Once the initial project is setup, defining scope, requirements, collaborators and vendors becomes part of a rapid and seamless workflow – all part of a single view window. You can also utilize Selectycs’ business requirements library to give your project a head start.

Finalize your cross-functional collaborators based on the best possible delivery outcome without the need of limiting access to key stakeholders. There is no restriction on the number of people from your business that need to work collaboratively on the RFx while giving you the flexibility to setup dynamic teams and permissions. 

Redefine how you manage business, project or vendor information

We are here to redefine the way organizations leverage business information and make decisions related to complex RFX process. Years of experience and insights have been embedded into our proprietary online solution to drastically reduce the cost and turnaround time for our procurement services.

Speed RFX creation through guided authoring, built-in collaboration, editing and permission-based workflows. Leverage our library of 2000+ standard business needs to further shorten your requirements definition stage. Shortlist vendors based on pre-configured vendor profiles and initiate evaluations faster to quickly realize greater savings and value.

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