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Deliver 3x more CDAP Projects using our automated solution

Powerful online tool with 5000+ built-in data elements to help you automate CDAP delivery and develop digital adoption plan covering key areas such as Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Digital Commerce, IT etc.

Automated creation of the final Digital Adoption plan with flexibility to collaborate and update as per your needs. Contents:

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CIO Board Features

Current State Assessment Dashboard

Rapid Requirements Definition Cycles

Insights on Industry Trends and Vendor Profiles

Technology Roadmap


1. Understand Current State

- Leverage Selectycs' Current State Assessment Tool to capture business needs, current gaps and challenges

- Populate Current State IT Landscape record with relevant information on Functional Areas, IT Coverage, Vendors etc.

- Update SWOT Dashboard with the related Business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

2. Identify Technology Initiatives

- Selectycs auto-recommends digital initiatives based on the inputs received during the first step

- Initiatives are populated with information such as Initiative Summary, Description, Objective, Activities, Related Vendors etc.

- You also have flexibility to collaborate and finalize initiatives, including modifying or deleting existing initiatives or add new ones

3. Generate Digital Adoption Plan

-Update CDAP Dashboard with personalized commentary for Current State, Initiatives, Timeline, Executive Summary etc.as needed

-Gain insights and guidance from Selectycs' senior technology advisors as needed for the final report creation

- Export Selectycs Dashboard in the PDF format as needed for further application processing

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