How would you like to use Selectycs for your business?

Objectives & Key Results

Convert strategic ‘whats’ into ‘hows’. Define organization goals and link them with IT strategic plan.

Application Portfolio Management

Connect the dots from technology portfolio to the business objectives while gaining full transparency into your IT landscape.

User Experience

Better understand technology’s role in ensuring superior user experiences through custom-created dynamic journey maps.

Strategic Planning

Automated roadmap creation for goals, initiatives, and application life-cycles based on stakeholder driven prioritization.

Projects & Risks

Manage risks from start to finish while ensuring initial business objectives are not left unaddressed.

System Selection

Enable objective, structured and automated procurement process to select the right business technology.


Identify not only the latest technology trends in your industry but also actionable insights to stay ahead of the curve.

Capability Management

Gain insights into current statuses of key business capabilities and plan improvement initiatives.